Our client, a Multinational Beverage Manufacturer commissioned us to provide architectural and construction administration services for its plant expansion. We needed to employ a senior site management personnel who has to meet several criteria : short term contract, prior experience in the same industry and immediate availability. We were given just one month to fill this position. Esther Group handled the entire sourcing and recruitment process and successfully found the candidate. EG's services included filtering through more than 300+ applicants via telephone interviews, pre-shortlisting and eventually formal interviews of the final 3 candidates, followed by conducting personal background checks on the selected candidate. The recruitment service by EG was very timely, thorough and professional.

-Lee Siong Architect
Chong Lee Siong
Principal Architect

Dearest Esther,
I don't know how to thank you enough for what you have done for me in getting me this job as a Human Resources Executive and also heading the department and have 1 subordinate reporting to me.
I have been rejected by many recruiters like yourself without even wanting to meet up with me simply because I was taking a 3 years break to take care of my babies until I could get good caretaker for them. With my MBA qualifications, publications work including professional magazine, years of experience including logistics and human resources inclusive of training, recruiters found me irrelevant in the market.
But you, Esther, you are truly sent by God. You saw the potential in me and linked me with my current employer who offers my dream career path, Human Resources, I got this job. I thank you for successfully arranging interview for me which I did very well and were shortlisted for second interview. To my surprise, I was actually offered the job on the second interview itself.
What a great job God has done through you. In just less than 2 months my 2 bosses who are also owners of the company, are very pleased with my performance which supersedes what others could do in that short period of time.
I am also very happy and excited everyday with the nature of my work which involves a lot of strategic planning and execution. My work allows me to go in depth to every department and roles that enables me to solve very critical and sensitive problems which is what I have been looking forward to and through you, Esther, I got my dream job while my bosses got the perfect talent for the role.
Thank you very much Esther. You are a great help.

Gloria Teo Ching
Head of Human Resources
A leading Logistics company

Dear Miss Esther (Esther Group)
I am thoroughly satisfied and grateful for your dedication, expertise and negotiation skills that have helped me tremendously in securing a job. Esther Group matched my skills and background perfectly with a job opportunity when I was retrenched recently. I have no concerns in promoting your services to people in need of work and also to employers as your level of service and consideration can benefit them as much as it has benefitted me. Thank you.

Dennis Chin
Sales & Marketing
A leading and well established manufacturing firm

Dear Esther,
"I have been in the logistics business for over 15 years, and I have not come across a company that is so efficient like Esther Group on her cutting edge service, processes that benefit both the employer and employee."
We have completed recruiting a successful candidate on Senior HR Executive within a week on our discussion with Esther Group to closing the deal. Her prompt response, amiable and sweet demeanour really show in her work. I strongly recommend her service to all parties.
I'm glad that En. Zahrin has been an asset to our organisation. And within a month, he has recruit more than 6 riders and driver as we expand. His dedication at work, wisdom, manners and sincere performance of duties and qualities has left an indelible impression upon us all. He can definitely proved his benefits to us.

Mr. Wilson
Executive Director

"Recently, we had to fire a senior executive staff due to disciplinary misconduct. Esther Lo guided us thoroughly through the whole process to ensure our actions are in compliance with the laws. Her advice on this matter has been invaluable."

Lee Siong Architect
Chong Lee Siong
Principal Architect

My name is Chan Jia Yang. My older brother is Chan Jia Jun. Both of us saw Esther Lo's Job Vacancy posted on Facebook on Thursday, 3/12/15. Hence we decided to submit our resumes to Esther Group's website: www.esther.com.my on Thursday evening as both of us was unemployed for almost 2 months. After all, it was a try which we had nothing to lose and it was a way of testing how effective Esther Group was. Indeed and unexpectedly, we found Esther was aggressive, proactive and an effective and a persuasive personality. She tried to contact me 3 times the next day which was Friday, 4/12/15. However, the calls never reached me as I lost my hand phone on that day itself. She didn't contact my older brother as at that time she was not aware that we are brothers! She never gave up and later I received an email from her saying that she was trying to contact me and reach me. Finally, we managed to communicate and she guided me on how to further improve our resumes. Also, she had arranged for an interview for us as she found a company that urgently requires staff. Our resumes matched perfectly and the company was at the same location where we are staying and within very close proximity. She did her very best and all was done within Friday night itself! We were so grateful and impressed with her! The interview was fixed on Monday, 7/12/15 and we were successful with our interview and started work on Wednesday, 9/12/15! We were so delighted! Finally, my brother and I see the possibility of financial freedom as we needed to pay our study loan which we borrowed for our study. All kudos to Esther! She helped us from beginning to end for this job. Thank you so much for what you have done for both of us! Finally, we hope you guys, whoever you are (jobseekers), please do not hesitate to contact for you never know what lies ahead for you in terms of a great career surprise!

Chan brothers
Klang, Selangor