Talent & Succession

Succession planning is one part of ensuring that an organisation can meet its future needs for people. 'Talent management' is now a common umbrella term for the attraction, identification and development of people with potential. Succession planning and talent management should be integrated, not two separate sets of processes. In some organisations succession planning and talent management focus only on the senior leadership 'pipeline'. Others choose to apply the same concepts and processes to other groups of jobs and people and/or to particular 'critical posts'.

Whatever job groups and kinds of employees are addressed by talent and succession management, we are usually concerned here with identifying individuals who may be able to develop their potential into different roles (often, but not always, at higher level) on varied timeframes, usually both short term and longer term. A key aspect is planning and then facilitating tailored career and skill development for identified individuals to prepare them for the future. Talent management should also check that agreed development actions are taking place, link appropriately with the way jobs are actually filled, and influence wider workforce planning and resourcing strategies. This is where career management serves as a vital bridge between talent identification and succession planning.

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