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08/02/18 16:53
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1. Conduct biological assays, preservative efficacy tests, microbial contamination tests and sterility tests on starting materials and finished products (both routine QC and stability studies) according to approved test methods and prepare and release test results / reports.
2. To prepare test methods, specifications, standard operating procedures and equipment operating
3. Conduct production water testing as scheduled and report any discrepancies or out of specifications immediately.
4. Perform environmental monitoring of cleanrooms including settle plates, air-sampling, surface swabs,
particulate, temperature, humidity, differential pressure etc.
5. Develop new microbiology related tests as required by regulatory bodies.
6. Perform cleaning, maintenance and housekeeping of the laboratories including premises, apparatus, glassware and equipment as well as calibration / verification of laboratory equipment and to maintain their records
7. To develop, compile and perform validation of test methods. To support in testing for process validation and cleaning validation.
8. Preparation of product formulations.
9. Participate in decontamination of penicillin sampling activities.

1. Candidate must possess a Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology or equivalent.
2. Must be fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia.
3. Work experience in a similar field is valued

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