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Senior Editor

14/01/18 13:24
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Kuala Lumpur
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Scope & Responsibilities
Co-ordinate platform content operations, responsible for the overall content of the operation and development planning
According to the hottest news topics of the moment, responsible for content editing and integration, and thematic production
Responsible for optimizing and updating the homepage content, will hit the eye-catching title
Grasp the latest operating law of news / social media, understand the status quo and development trend of online media competition
Assist the product department in completing the preparatory and promotion work for each promotion
In the online world, even if you write the best article, if there is no Internet browsing, it is equal to the white. Therefore, the text skill is not enough, you have to rack your
brains to use your ideas to copy, to write content, title, choose pictures, so that Internet users competing to browse and share your article. You have the responsibility to
ensure that Internet users can browse the latest and most popular, and the correct news and information

Bachelor degree or above, majoring in Chinese, journalism, communication, media, more than three years working experience in Internet new media and preferred
media resources
Have excellent writing skills and planning ability, with screening, writing, editing manuscript ability, good at capturing the current hot spots, with the ability to quickly
produce topics on the network
Have a good intuition and sensitivity to the operation of the news media, have excellent news and writing skills, and have experience working in major news media
Familiar with the mobile Internet news information products, a strong data analysis capabilities and graphic editing capabilities, with basic Photoshop or any sketch
Familiar with Web2.0 products such as Facebook, IG, Twitter, Weibo, Facebook page or other social platform manager experience is better
Love online media career, with strong communication skills and teamwork skills, and has a strong sense of responsibility and dedication

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